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Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes | Best Birthday Wishes For 2019



Birthday wishes are one of the best ways to explain the love who you love one. The birthday is a very special day. And, If you want to give something, some pretty birthday wishes can be a very good option. Do not worry about looking, we help you. We have prepared many birthday wishes for birthdays.

So you can choose the best ones and dedicate them to your friends or family on one of the most special days of the year.Among them, there is no shortage of greeting cards, whose writing is not always easy. From Confidential we remedy that problem by collecting phrases to congratulate the birthday that will get you out of step. The most important thing is that the message you send is original, With feeling and that it impacts your receiver.

Awesome Birthday Wishes For Friends

1 – Today is your day. It is a special day to add memories and experiences. This wonderful moment will give you a new dimension about everything that lies ahead and what you still need to achieve …

2 – I consider myself a good friend of yours, so I’m going to try to be clear and sincere, because I owe you … You’re getting old!

3 – On your birthday I want to remember with you special moments, moments full of joy and above all celebrate another year of life.

4 – What would the world be without you? Without your presence? Without your happiness ?, because I can not imagine a world without you. Congratulations.

5 – Birth gives us life and your presence on earth is a gift forever. Happy Birthday!

6 – Today is a very special day for everyone, enjoy it with great intensity, take advantage of the love and love of your loved ones. Have a lot of luck in this new year that you receive, congratulations!

Birthday Wishes For Friends And Family

7 – Is there another day that is not this that makes me so happy? Well, those who know me will know that this is not the case, because a person who loves someone as much as I love you can not have a better day than this. Happy Birthday!

8 – Every moment we spend together makes you more eager to get to your next birthday. Congratulations on your day!

9 – I hope your birthday party is so fun, that it becomes an annual event! Happy Birthday.

10 – Congratulations for your birthday, that your wishes are fulfilled and that life gives you many moments of happiness.

11 – I smile when writing these messages that make me remember when I met you, all that we have lived, and all that I love you. Thank you for making me part of your life, that you receive blessings and joys today. Love you very much.

Birthday Wishes For your Surrounding

12 – It’s an unforgettable day, so enjoy it. Happy Birthday!

13 – The nicest phrases that I like to write are those that I write to wish you a beautiful day and send you my greatest wishes. Happy Birthday!

14 – I can not stop thinking about you and all the birthdays I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy with you. Congratulations!

15 – Yesterday I went to sleep wanting to wake up soon on such a special day, in which you return to meet one year, one more day to be with you. Happy and precious day, thank you for existing.

16 – On your birthday I want to remember with you special moments, moments full of joy and above all celebrate another year of life. Happy Birthday.

17 – Nothing makes me happier than being able to be with you on your birthday. May you be many more years old!

18 – If a magician gave me three wishes today, I would choose health, money and love, but the three would be for you, because I love you and because thanks to you I am who I am. Congratulations.

19 – Do not complain, you have just entered the mature age of youth and continue as a kid. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes For your Love

20 – I noted that today is the birthday of the dumbest of my friends, that’s why I want to congratulate you. Just kidding, man. Happy Birthday!

21 – May these moments be unique, but may they come many more like them during your next year. Congratulations!

22 – I am sure that among all the messages that you are receiving, this will make you immensely happy, as it is written by your best friend, someone important and special to you. I wish you a beautiful day full of joy and happiness.

23 – All your dreams come on the way, like all your goals, are organized and distributed to make this new year, the best of your life. Get ready to enjoy a lovely happy birthday.

24 – I will be one of them, but in person, I will show you everything I love you. Congratulations.

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