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Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day 2019:1000+ Beautiful Wishes & Quotes For Your Mom



Happy Mothers day 2019 quotes for a mother. Compilation of quotes, wishes, thoughts and beautiful messages for mothers.

So you can surprise them on that special day or at any other time.

In many countries in the world, They celebrate Happy Mothers Day. A festivity celebrated in honor of mothers all over the world.

Although there is no universal date nor how to celebrate it.

To commemorate Happy Mothers Day, one of the most special and most celebrated dates of the year.

We have compiled a series of quotes and images so that on this important day.

You express all the love and gratitude you feel for her, for simply being your mother. The best that could have touched you, the queen of the house.

This year, We will celebrate on May 12. However, not all the mothers of the world celebrate it on the same date (ask when is Happy Mothers Day in all countries).

Now, here we leave you our selection, choose and dedicate the one you like the most:

Thank you!

Mothers Day Quotes 2019

Happy Mothers Day Quotes…!!!!

  • Your arms always opened when I wanted a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Mom your strength and your love guided me, and they gave me wings to fly. Happy Mothers Day!
  • I think that every day I look more like you and that fills me with pride and satisfaction. love you mom!
  • You taught me to get up when I fell, to enjoy good times and to cope with bad ones, that patience is a virtue, that mistakes are learned and that with love everything is easier. I love you mom, happy day!
  • We got the lottery when I was born. I love you mom!
  • For wishing me before knowing me, for putting up with me once you met me and for always loving me. I love you mom, happy day!
  • Happy Mothers day, Mommy! Today in your day: thank you for being so beautiful, so pure, so tender, unique and special. Thank you for being my mother.
  • There is no perfection: but you, mom, you are the person who comes closest to this concept. Happy Mothers Day!!!
  • Mom: although the calendar says that today I have to tell you how much I love you, I hope you know that I love you every day of the year. Happy Mothers day!
  • To you mom. Five letters have an angel, who took care of me in his womb, he took me a thousand ways, he taught me to be brave. Happy Mothers day!

Mother’s Day Wishes 2019

Happy Mothers Day Wishes…!!!!

  • On this day of mothers. To the best mother in the world, to the one who gave me life and who shares with me their sorrows and joys. For you mom: Happy Mothers Day.
  • You do not ask for anything, you give everything, thanks for being the way you are, thanks for being a great mom. Happy Mothers Day!
  • MAMA is written, but it is pronounced the most VALUABLE WOMAN of this world. Congratulations on Mother’s Day. I love you!
  • The heart of a mother is the only capital of feeling that never breaks, and with which you can always count on and at all times in all safety
  • The love of a mother is the fuel that allows a normal human to do the impossible.
  • A mother is the one who can take the place of everyone else, but whose place no one else can take.
  • When you considered being a mother, you never thought that you would touch a child as freaky like me. right? You could have guessed: like father, like son. Just kidding, mom. I love you! Congratulations!
  • No matter who you meet and spend time by your side, your mother is unique and will always love you more.
  • My mother finds happiness when I find her. When I live something beautiful, I live it through my experience. My mother prays for me, even when I just pray for myself. My mother would give me the whole world if I could. Thanks Mom.
  • A man loves his first love more than any other, his wife better than anyone else, and his mother loves her longer than anyone else.

Wishes Of Mothers Day

The mother is the first woman in our lives and the most important of all:

No one loves us as much as she does, and that is why we have to tell her how much we love them.

But do not worry, in this article, you will find a lot of wishes and quotes for Happy Mothers Day that will help you say what you feel for her.

Happy Mothers Day Wishes…!!!!

  • Today I want to thank you for all you have given me and thank God for giving me a mother like you. Thank you. Happy Mothers Day…!!!!
  • I love you so much my mother, that for my affection there will never be a measure. When you smile at me and when you kiss me, everything, the whole soul of happiness fills up.
  • A million thanks and a lifetime of happiness, to the only person in the world who will always be with me in good times and bad, my Mom.
  • Thank you, Mom, for your love, patience, understanding and support my miseries all the time. Never forget that I love you, Happy Mothers Day…
  • Mom, the best gift I can give you and I know it’s the one you’ll like the most, it’s my heart and all my love.
  • Mother, I love you, mother you are my life, mother where I would go! … Far away from you, you know that you will always see me return to reflect me in your Mother’s eyes.
  • My beloved mother, blessed mother, my mother, may God never stop blessing you, may God fill you with many years to be able to adore you.

Mothers Day Quotes For 2019

Happy Mothers Day Wishes…!!!! 

  • Mother I love you, never forget it … and if one day I miss you, remember that there is no greater love for you, than this son’s wherever he is.
  • Many wonders are in the world; but the masterpiece is the maternal heart. Happy Mothers Day…!!!!
  • The advice of a mother is the only one that always comes from the heart. That is why they must always be well received.
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